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Dalian Wanfeng Locomotive Accessories Precision Repairing Factory, founded in 1986, has a repairing plant area of 15,000 square meters. The factory boasts its advanced equipment and strong capital force. It has mechanical machining workshops, component detection and repair workshops, benchwork fine repair workshops, dynamic balance test workshops, electric welding painting workshops and surface iron plating treatment engineering workshops and so on. With a series of advanced machining tools and fine repair equipment, the factory has been devoted to professional repair works of main components and key components
of marine diesel engines and diesel locomotive engines including engine bodies, bent axles, connecting rods, screw shafts, camshafts, balance shafts, pump shafts, hydraumatic rods, pistons, cylinder heads, air valves, bearing bushes, stainless steel covers, bushings, gas turbine components and so on, brand-new balance shafts, gears, fan impellers, high-pressure oil pipes and water pump impellers, detection and repair of engine body main bearing holes axiality and dynamic balancing test of many components such as various rotors, impellers and supercharger rotors. It belongs to a small number of fine repair factories of main and key components of diesel engines in China.

The factory strictly abides by standards of CCS and ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System and is the recognized member of CCS, Russia Classification Society, China Ministry of Railway, Register of Shipping of China and Dalian Traffic Bureau. In 2003, it was awarded “High-tech Enterprise” by Dalian Institute of Science and Technology. The repaired products passed the tests of ABS, DNV and KR. It is a reliable diesel engine parts repairing factory among customers.

The factory boasts its advanced equipment and complete detection measures. It is equipped with British Churchill large-scale grinding machines, various lathes, milling machines, boring machines, special bent axle grinding machines, large-scale German industrial laser cladding and laser quenching devices, pulsed arc coating machines, advanced non-corrosion low-temperature reinforcement iron plating production lines, ultrasonic metal spray welding machines, metal condensation and casting repair welding machines, brush plating machines, large dynamic balancing machines, magnetic crack detection machines, hardness testers, boroscopes and so on, various detecting instruments and meters and technical experiment facilities. It provides key equipment and technological equipment for fine repair of main and key components of diesel engines.

With strong technical force and rich experience in component repair, it has absorbed a large number of experts, professors, senior engineers and senior artisans, who are high-end talent engaged in internal combustion engine design and development, technical equipment, tests and detection and repair technical work for more than 30 years and famous domestic experts and scholars having published several books on diesel engine and a large number of academic technical papers on diesel engines. They push forward the development and prosperity of the factory in terms of diesel engine component repairing.

It repairs main and key components of diesel engine strictly according to standard specification of technical repair regulated by CCS, the Ministry of Railways and Road Transport Bureau. As an internship mating repair base of marine components of Dalian Maritime University and Dalian Dishi Ship Machine Co., Ltd., it has repaired a large amount of diesel engine main and key components and spare parts for domestic and overseas ships, various oil fields, waterway bureaus and diesel locomotives and so on. The diesel engine main and key components repaired by the factory run stably in good state and never break down under severe marine conditions and land conditions and drastic stress alternation. Thanks to its reliable repair quality and detection precision, it has won universal praise of customers at home and abroad.

The factory is willing to cooperate with you for a bright future by excellent repair quality, complete technical service and advanced repair technology.
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