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Dalian Wanfeng Locomotive Accessories Precision Repairing Factory, a high-tech enterprise, has been engaged in renovation and repair of diesel engine components for more than 20 years. With an innovative, pragmatic and enterprising spirit, we increase new equipment and technologies year by year to enrich ourselves and greatly contribute to the renovation and repair of domestic and overseas ships and equipment. Thanks to our advanced technology and rich experience, we solve problems for customers and save a large amount of money through products repaired by high and new technologies, receiving increasingly improving credit and praise of wide customers. For example, the bent axle, repaired by our factory using new technology, of CNOOC drilling platform has remained intact till now; products repaired for Russia win excellent reputation among many Russian shipowners, and products repaired for navy ships and submarines runs well under various severe environments, which wins high praise of the military.

We are willing to cooperate with you for mutual benefits and a bright future.

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