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Dalian Wan Feng motorcycle accessories intensive factory diesel engine parts and repair key components of high quality iron-plated

2020/02/29 17:18
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Dalian Wan Feng motorcycle accessories finishing plant with machine shop, repair shop parts testing, intensive workshop fitter, dynamic balance test workshop, welding and surface coating plant iron plating process engineering workshop, etc., with a series of advanced machine tools and precision repair equipment, has been engaged in marine diesel and locomotive diesel engine components and critical components of professional repair work, including the body, crankshaft, connecting rod, stern shaft, camshaft, balance shaft, shaft, hydraulic rods, piston, cylinder cover, valve, bearing, white steel sleeve, bushing and gas turbine components, etc., the new system balance shaft, gear, impeller, pump impeller and high pressure tubing and the main bearing body repair hole concentricity test, but also do all types of rotor, impeller and the turbocharger rotor and many other parts of the balancing test, etc.
Dalian Wan Feng intensive motorcycle parts factory in strict accordance with China Classification Society standards and ISO9001-2008 quality management system standard run, is China Classification Society (CCS), the Russian State Register of Shipping, China Ministry of Railways, and the Chinese Fishing Vessel Dalian Department of Transportation and other certification and accreditation unit. 2003 Dalian Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, Dalian Wan Feng granted intensive factory motorcycle accessories "High-tech Enterprise" honor. Dalian Wan Feng motorcycle accessories finishing plant finishing products are also supported by the U.S. ABS, DNV Norway and South Korea KR recognized classification societies such as authentication, Dalian Wan Feng motorcycle accessories finishing plant is trusted customers and key components of diesel engine parts finishing plant.
Dalian Wan Feng motorcycle accessories finishing plant finishing the main components of diesel engines and key parts are strictly enforced China Classification Society, the Ministry of Railways and the Department of Transportation standards of technical repair, the repair of iron-plated parts in strict accordance with operating instructions and process technology process operation, plating bath solution in line with the requirements of the standard provisions, standard in power supply requirements of the provisions, and

After the theoretical study and practical training plating to obtain the appropriate certification examination personnel to operate the plating. Repair parts after the plating of iron to meet customer standards are the technical requirements and meet the repair parts repair industry standards. To repair the crankshaft, for example, the repair of technical parameters for the micro-hardness HRC50HRC ~ 55 HRC, the coating shear strength of 350 ~ 45 MPa, anti-wear performance equal to or greater than the value of 45 steel high-frequency quenching, coating and matrix is ​​no connection between the edge shows fine surface structure of the coating after processing, real prison smooth layer of iron-plated crankshaft is generally not more than 1.5mm, if it exceeds this value, you must use activation, or a combination of plating plating, or other effective means to ensure the quality of the coating and the combined strength of the spindle neck thickness should not exceed 2.5mm, rod neck should not exceed 3mm. To be below 300 ℃ temperature stable, solid coating, no peeling peeling.

Dalian Wan Feng motorcycle accessories is now finishing factory, Dalian Maritime University, Dalian Machine Co., Ltd. Di Shi ship repair base supporting practice marine accessories for domestic and foreign ships, oil fields, Dredging and diesel locomotive repair such a large number of diesel engine parts and key components and other parts. Dalian Wan Feng motorcycle accessories intensive plants refinement of diesel engine parts and critical components in the harsh marine conditions and land conditions and intense alternating load and never had any trouble, reliable operation, good condition. Dalian Wan Feng motorcycle accessories finishing plant for its quality and reliable repair and overhaul accuracy, Bo received widespread praise from customers at home and abroad.


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