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Dalian Wan Feng motorcycle accessories finishing plant and Dalian Shi Di marine shipping unit signed an agreement piston manufacturing base

2020/02/29 17:18
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April 16, 2007, Dalian Wan Feng, motorcycle accessories and finishing factory ship Machinery Co., Ltd. Dalian Shi Di intensive parts base agreement signed cum opening ceremony in Dalian Wan Feng motorcycle parts factory in refinement.
COSCO Shipyard Group is a large ship repair, conversion and construction-based industries, set shipbuilding facilities for a modern large-scale enterprise group, is China's largest specialized ship repair enterprise groups. Di Shi Ship Machinery Co., Ltd. Dalian COSCO Shipyard Group Co., Ltd. belongs to, by the British Di Shi International Limited, Hong Kong Haitong Development Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Guangzhou Maritime Group, is specialized in refurbishment of marine diesel engine parts, manufacturing enterprises.
As the world's leading company MAN B & W authorized manufacturers and suppliers, Shi Di boat Machinery Co., Ltd. has a significant brand and market advantages. Dalian Wan Feng motorcycle accessories intensive factory has strong technical force and rich experience in parts of refinement, with machine shop, repair shop parts testing, intensive workshop fitter, dynamic balance test shop, welding shop and spray treatment of iron-plated engineering workshop, etc., with a series of advanced machines and finishing equipment, has been engaged in marine diesel and locomotive diesel engine components and critical components of professional repair work, including the body, crankshaft, connecting rod, stern shaft, camshaft , balance shaft, shaft, hydraulic rods, pistons, cylinder heads, valve, bearing, white steel sleeve, bushing and gas turbine components, etc., the new system balance shaft, gear, impeller, pump impeller and high pressure tubing and the body with the main bearing bore axis degree check and repair, but also do all types of motor rotor, the impeller and the turbocharger rotor and many other parts of the balancing test, is one of the few diesel engine parts and critical components finishing plant, the main components in diesel engines and key components repair has a wealth of experience and good reputation, has its own experts, professors and senior engineers and senior technicians and other high-end talent. In order to expand marine diesel engine parts and critical components of the repair market, Di Shi boat Machinery Co., Ltd. and Dalian Wan Feng intensive factory motorcycle parts accessories based on intensive signed a framework agreement, which marks the boat Machinery Co., Ltd. and Di Shi Dalian Wan Feng intensive factory motorcycle parts are of strategic cooperation and deepening rapidly, which is a powerful combination. The base into a leading, world-class marine diesel engine parts and accessories based refinement of key components is the common goal of both partners, an integrated accessory finishing a new road of independent innovation is becoming more mature.