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Add.: Youjia Industrial Park, Ganjinzi District, Dalian
Tel:86-411-8630 1921
Fax:86-411-8631 0471

Yantai Harbour Company presented a banner along the route
Dalian Wan Feng Zhou a certificate for the award-winning students
Dalian Maritime University led a large group photo souvenir gift Wan Feng
Dalian Wan Feng Zhou graduates for the turbine to do career guidance report
Dalian Maritime University in Dalian Wan Feng motorcycle parts factory established practice base refinement
Marine Engineering College, Dalian Maritime University, career guidance report and the first "Wan Feng Cup" CAD drawing Innovative Design Competition awards ceremony concluded
Dalian Wan Feng motorcycle accessories finishing plant and Dalian Shi Di marine shipping unit signed an agreement piston manufacturing base
Dalian Wan Feng motorcycle accessories intensive factory diesel engine parts and repair key components of high quality iron-plated
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