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Marine Engineering College, Dalian Maritime University, career guidance report and the first "Wan Feng Cup" CAD drawing Innovative Design Competition awards ceremony concluded

2020/02/29 17:19
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November 12 afternoon, organized by the Communist Youth League School of Marine Engineering, Marine Engineering Ship Repair Squadron Youth League hosted by the Dalian Wan Feng motorcycle accessories finishing plant actively sponsored Institute of Marine Engineering, Dalian Maritime University, the first "Wan Feng Cup" CAD drawing Innovative Design Competition Exhibition at Dalian Maritime University History Lecture Hall, IMC successfully concluded. Dalian Wan Feng, general manager of locomotive parts plant refinement Zhou Guofeng, Associate Dean Professor Tan Yue marine engineering, marine engineering, deputy party secretary and vice president of college relations Xiaoguang teacher, Marine Engineering College Professor Zhu Xinhe and Marine Engineering College League Secretary Xu Xin teachers attended the meeting.

15:30 pm, the Assembly began. The conference by the Institute of Marine Engineering, deputy party secretary and vice president of off Xiaoguang teacher presided. First, the Marine Engineering College First "Wan Feng Cup" CAD drawing Innovative Design Competition awards ceremony, broadcast live at the presentation before the students well prepared for this competition results show PPT, followed by the Zhou Guofeng, general manager, Dean Tan Yue , Professor Zhu Xinhe this competition were to get first, second and third prize of the best teams and individual representatives presented the certificates and posed for pictures. At the award ceremony, Tan Yue, vice president of the event made comments, congratulations on the award-winning students at the same time fully affirmed the results of this competition, and called on students to actively participate in hospital-wide skills competition in the professional to exercise their own hands-on ability and their level of expertise. Tan Yuanzhang speech, the scene presented to the Zhou souvenirs. Subsequently, the Dalian Wan Feng Zhou Guofeng motorcycle accessories, general manager of finishing plant for on-site students gave a wonderful career guidance report. Zhou, general manager with his own experience in many ways for you on a job-related knowledge and the current employment situation, witty language, elegant style of conversation sparked scene applause.

After the report, the relevant secretary announced the successful conclusion of this competition. Thus, the first Marine Engineering College "Wan Feng Cup" CAD drawing come to an end innovative design contest. Please look forward to the next exciting contest.


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